Shuffleboard & Game Links

How to Play Wikipedia entry for table shuffleboard, or American shuffleboard. What do you do if your weight ends up upside down? This site enlightens players to the details of the game. This site has a great video and easy-to-understand instructions. The creators use common shuffleboard terminology. The Table Shuffleboard Association has more information about the game and tournaments. Video of a tournament. Not the most exciting video. It’s a bit like watching golf, but it’s so fun to play. Get a few pointers here to get that puck where you want it.

Shuffleboard Art There is actually a “most famous” shuffleboard painting in history. The art of shuffleboard is more often seen in the table. Here are some examples of refinished tables.

Trick Shots This guy is amazing. He can shoot practically anything. This video is a bit long, but it is worth the final shot.

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