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Tami South is a Midwestern American Shuffleboard enthusiast who has participated in USA National Shuffleboard Association tournaments for the past 15 years.

During the past five years, Tami has devoted much of her free time to spreading knowledge about the game of American shuffleboard through setting up amateur tournaments and contacting shuffleboard vendors throughout the state of Kansas.

The shuffleboard champ in her family was Tami’s father, Lou Sutterton, who taught Tami how to play the game in their shop, where he had renovated a table about to be discarded by a local tavern. Tami now has that table in her home, and it is a beauty.

South is very passionate about shuffleboard, but one of the reasons she loves it so much is that it truly is a game for anyone, all ages and all abilities. She, like her father, enjoys teaching people the art of the game, and she enjoys competitive play when the opportunity exists. If you are interested in learning more about the game of American shuffleboard, please contact Tami South via email at