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I have years of experience in the game of shuffleboard, and I read everything that I can get my hands on about the game, but it is an obscure subject. I cannot possibly know everything, and the popularity of the game is leading to innovation that I have not witnessed, like new score boards. So, I’m inviting you to help.

This site is a collaboration of resources, anecdotes, and instruction about the game of American shuffleboard. It is not a site where I feed you information, and you digest it. It is a give and take relationship, and I want to hear from you. I want to hear good stories about shuffleboard, and I want to hear about challenges. I definitely want to see videos of new trick shots!

If you have new, unique content you are interested in sharing, please don’t hesitate to share. If it fits the purpose of this site, I’ll be happy to include it in a nearing post. Thank you!

To contact Tami, please use this link.