Coldwater Shuffleboard

Coldwater Shuffleboard, located in Coldwater, Kansas, is the place to go for quality and custom made shuffleboards. With our extensive knowledge and passion for the game, our experts are here for all your shuffleboard needs. Our rapidly growing line of products will keep your board clean and functioning properly through every game. Not only do we craft the boards, we also host as well! It doesn’t matter if you’re a new or seasoned player, we’d love to have you.

The best thing about Coldwater Shuffleboard, aside from the remarkable craftsmanship, is our repair and servicing center. Those whose passion lives within this game will understand why routine maintenance is vital, especially if you’re keen on winning.

It is said that a variation of the game can be dated back before the 16th century and was commonly played by royals like King Henry VIII. Not much is known about its true origins though. Regardless, over the years it continues to grow in popularity. While extremely competitive, this game is not physically demanding, making it perfect for any age.


We’re more than just a court. In store we offer an array of services for your shuffleboard table. If you need work done on your board, you can always call and schedule an appointment to drop it off. Below is a list some of our services. Prices vary depending on size as larger boards take more time to finish.

  • Oils and polishing– Of course you can always learn how to do this yourself, but having a professional do it will add the finishing touch! If you don’t require our expertise, choose from our brands of certified oils.
  • Spray and powder– Vital for speed, having your board properly sprayed with out patented silicone spray will shock your competitors. Powdering is included.
  • Repair– Naturally, your board will wear down over time. Luckily, we can fix and refinish any damage.
  • Custom– Our custom boards are made to order. Choose from a variety of different styles, woods and stains for a truly personalized piece.
  • In house game play– Coldwater Shuffleboard is so much more than a store. Our enclosed and insulated courts are equipped with both table and floor shuffleboards.

If you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon or a unique first date, come in and check us out. Our community might be small but passion for competition and the ways of the shuffleboard is large! If you’re interested in learning more about our shop and what we have to offer, feel free to contact us.